Raspberry Pi: Installing Raspbian


So you’re probably wondering what in the world Raspbian is. I’m here to tell you it’s this awesome Linux Distribution for the Raspberry Pi. It’s the most popular Linux Distribution for the Raspberry Pi and it’s based off of Debian and customized for the Pi. It’s great for running a desktop, basic server, monitoring your home, prototyping, etc. The options seriously are endless.

In this video, I will go over the basics of setting up Raspbian and the software/hardware needed to perform an installation. This DIS will cover several things which require Raspbian so it’d be beneficial to have Raspbian installed to perform any of the tasks/subjects mentioned in those. This applies to the Raspberry Pi B/B+. The Raspberry Pi A/A+ very drastically and should be avoided if possible. They are extremely limited and recommended for advanced users. I have included the presentation material below in-case you get lost at any point during the video!

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