Raspberry Pi: Installing Samba (Network Drive)


Samba is the standard for integrating Linux with Windows and Mac OS X. It’s insanely simple to use and setup and it’s great for an internal network. There are a ton of really cool things you can do with it such as making a network drive, share a printer over your network, etc. Samba is a super lightweight and friendly package that makes customization and setup a breeze. There are a million guides online for using Samba and setting it up, but the best guide comes from Ubuntu.

I’ve taken their guide and made some modifications to make it work on the Raspberry Pi in a matter of minutes. The process is simple and the video will walk you through step-by-step. This assumes you have a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian installed on it and SSH enabled. If you have both of those, you will have no issues with the installation and configuration process. I’ve also attached the PDF for you to follow or print for your own records.

With a network drive, you can easily backup important files or make a local dropbox. It’s also great for if you have a web project that you’re working on and you want to avoid the constant handshake process involved with both FTP and SFTP. With this, it’s basically emulated as remote drive. You could adjust the base directory for samba to /var/www/ and ensure you have read, write, and execute permissions. Seriously, the options are endless and this is the most basic usage of Samba!

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