Raspberry Pi Workshop: LAMP Stack


Today was an extremely exciting day. I led the Raspberry Pi workshop on behalf of AITP (Association of Information Technology) at FSU. While it was a great experience, it was also a bit sad. Today marks the last workshop I will ever be running while in AITP. This is my last semester at FSU and I can say it’s been a great ride thus far. I’ve learned so much, involved myself in so many different events/activities, and really just immersed myself in being a part of the bigger picture. In the end I can see that it’s paid off and I’m beyond grateful for all the help I’ve received along the way to get to this point in my life. Needless to say, you aren’t here to hear me be sappy and boring, you want to know more about my workshop!

The Raspberry Pi workshop we hosted today focused on the Raspberry Pi and running a LAMP Stack (Linux + Apache2 + MySQL + PHP/Perl/Python) on it.  While it wasn’t my largest workshop, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences. I explained concepts like FTP and SSH to demonstrate file transfers and command line interaction. I also explained the concept of using SFTP (SSH File Transfer) to have a more secure interaction when transferring files to and from your server. The workshop lasted approximately one hour and the results from the survey were great!

In the end, this was a great experience and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to share one of my passions with members of AITP. It’s a really surreal experience to go in front of your peers and professors to expose your technological passion. I hope that when I depart from FSU that these workshops carry on and that someone continues to build off these workshops. I hope that they improve at every chance they get. After all, we can learn so much in a small period of time. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of AITP and to everyone who has supported the revitalization of AITP at FSU.



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